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Client & Seminar Attendee Comments

We attended Mr. Biro’s Medicare Workshop last week.

What an enlightening educational experience.

Mr. Biro did an excellent job of explaining a complex process in simple, easy to understand terms with numerous handouts.

We would highly recommend Mr. Biro to anyone trying to navigate through the labyrinth process of signing up for Medicare.

He is very easy to understand and very knowledgeable about all aspects of Medicare.
— Chuck & Annette Barnard – Scottsdale, AZ

The Post 65 seminar review.
The complete review of the post 65 seminar class was excellent. Very complete by the speaker Jeff Biro
— Maurie NATURE, Gilbert, AZ

Mr Biro is very knowledgeable and helpful. 
Jeff is the best I have seen on health care insurance –private or government-sponsored
— George Lyons

Staff has Great Customer Service
– I have had excellent service and I would recommend you guys to people I know and let them know just what kind of service I have received I am very much satisfied with all the people that work there and Mr. Biro has been great.
— Peggy McSweeny, Casa Grande Az

Trustworthy leadership!!
– As my wife & I were hastily approaching Medicare, Jeff was there to lead us thru the maze. Now, several years later, he is still there with our interest at heart!
— H Dean Hall, Scottsdale, AZ

Seminar Medicare made Easy
Just an amazing wealth of information and advice. I cannot imagine entering this arena without Jeff Biro’s guidance.
Please go and get informed to make better decisions.
— Terry Dorr

Excellent help with navigating Medicare
Jeff Biro is the very best resource for Medicare and makes the whole process very simple. He has helped my wife, my best friend, and myself all navigate the Medicare maze. He holds once a year seminars to go over any changes, and his advice has saved me thousands of dollars. He also has some wonderful trust attorneys who can definitely help update trusts. Jeff is honest, he answers your messages and phone calls, he knows what he is doing, he is polite, and has been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Jeff and his firm.
— Bill Bachand, Phx AZ

Medicare Workshop
I elected to go with another vendor but only due to circumstance (family connection). However, I was so impressed with Jeff’s presentation and clear guidance in his Medicare Workshop that I had to do an outstanding recommendation. this is something I am not prone to doing. I have worked with slick talkers who are trying to convince you to buy their product or service for 25 years. In that time I have learned to tell the genuine from the “smiling’ Joe’s”. Jeff sincerely wants to help. He is the real deal and enthusiastic. I have him on my list should I need help in any other of the services he offers. George Impink
— George Impink, Phoenix AZ

Very Informative Medicare Workshop
I attended the Medicare Workshop by Jeff Biro and I was very pleased. Even though I had done quite a bit of my own research beforehand, I learned a lot from the Workshop with regards to Medigap policies and Prescription Drug Plans. I thought that the material was very well organized, and I found Mr. Biro’s presentation to be very clear.
— Dale Clark, Phx AZ

Jeff Biro, the owner of this business, is fantastic. He offers at first a FREE introductory session going over exactly what his services are and goes through a great deal of information during this session. Once the client decides to do business with Jeff, his advice is so well thought out, and fits you, his client, to the best Medicare Health Insurance company that fits this person’s personal needs. I would highly recommend Jeff’s very professional company and the wonderful service that he performs particularly for those of us that are so unsure as to how to go about choosing the best Health Insurance company to suit our needs.
— John Wright Phx AZ

Just as advertised by my friend
Jeff Biro delivered as advertised by a friend who told me about him. I came out of the workshop with clarity about the parts of Medicare and why he recommended what he did. I definitely plan to follow up with Jeff regarding planning for my Part D because I take a number of medications which can be very expensive.
— Gregory Crow, Scottsdale, AZ

Excellent all-around.
Jeff advised me and my wife about my Medicare options. He is extraordinarily thorough, patient, pleasant and armed with the most up-to-date information available. We would recommend that anyone in need of professional advice regarding these matters seek Mr. Biro’s services.
— Chuck & Rene Rinaldi, Mesa, AZ

Great Advice on Medicare & Retirement !
We have always valued the time Jeff spent with us. His advice has always lead us in the best direction for us, and we have never regretted following his advice. He is always kind and considerate, and we appreciate his patience with matters we don’t understand.
— Bob and Dale Folz

Jeff Biro is excellent; patient, knowledgeable, efficient, and personable.
I attended Jeff Biro’s class on Medicare and his presentation is excellent. His handouts are very easy to follow, to the point, and very informative. His presentation makes a very complicated issue clear and one can readily define the path that will fit you the best.
— Randy Strassburg, Scottsdale

Great Medicare Class- I understood Medicare once we were done.
Jeff helped me select a Medicare plan that fit my needs in such a calm, caring demeanor that made me feel special. I have recommended others to him and look forward to his kindness in the future. His business ethics are impeccable. Very Knowledgeable.
— Christine Curran, Phoenix, Az

Expert Medicare Information
Great experience. Easy to Understand. All my questions and concerns were answered. Great experience and the staff was very knowledgeable.
— Earline Parham, Mesa, AZ

I am very happy with the help I got.
I am very happy with the help I got. Will be seeing Jeff again in Oct.
— Carol Gaines, Scottsdale, AZ

Smart Guy!!
After all the mailings I received Jeff’s stood out. I attended his workshop and then threw out all the mail. He is informative and knows what he is talking about. Made it all pretty simple. Great staff backing him up. Great customer service. Luck to have this team on my side. Thanks, Jeff!
— Daniel, Phoenix

Jeff and Staff is very helpful.
Jeff has been very helpful, informative and available when needed. His staff is also wonderful.
— Pat Andazola

Simply Exceptional at Retirement!
Jeff Biro is incredibly exceptional. He is professional, caring, friendly, knowledgeable, and very thorough. He is always prepared going above and beyond to impart information. I truly feel blessed to be one of his clients. There are not many financial advisors as trustworthy and with such a depth of knowledge as Jeff Biro. He goes above and beyond for his clients.
— Hilda, Tempe, Arizona

I would highly recommend attending Jeff Biro’s Medicare Workshop.
He breaks down an otherwise extremely convoluted topic (i.e. Medicare) into a very logical decision making process. It is a relaxed and personalized environment. You will leave well equipped to begin making an informed decision.
— M. Didier

Medicare Transition
Jeff is thorough in the 2 Hour Seminar \”Medicare Made Easy\” discussing all aspects of Medicare and how to make the right choices for you. He also discusses Social Security and important features you should know.
— Gail Crow, Scottsdale

Made Medicare Understanding Easy!
Jeff always keeps us informed on what is going on with Medicare and what plans are available so we can choose what is best for us.
— Thomas Riley, Sun City Arizona

Highly recommend Jeff for Medicare and financial issues
I know Jeff Biro of “Family Wealth Advisors”for more than ten years. He has handled all my supplemental and Part D insurance plans selection. He is always searching for plans with better premiums. I will definitely retain him and will recommend him highly recommend him to friends.
— Helmy Mahrous, Phoenix, AZ

He’s a gift!
Jeff was personable, genuine, generous and, above all, clear and very knowledgeable during my Medicare Workshop. I was really impressed and very grateful. I left there with great tools and a lot more information than I even imagined I would receive.
— Linda , Tempe, Arizona

An outstanding family financial services firm.
Family Wealth Advisors lead by Jeff Biro and his associate Pam Kaye is an outstanding organization. This firm specializes in all aspects of retirement planning. They convey an outstanding knowledge in the field of Medicare and Medicaid, along with all aspects of Insurance in today’s markets. This firm is also involved in community-oriented activities which my wife and I have personally attended and we find that his agenda is of the purest nature and genuinely designed to enhance a community spirit among his clients. Family Wealth Advisors are truly a breath of fresh air in today’s climate. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone. Thank you. CVB
— Clinton Van Berry, Troon North

Great Person and Staff- Excellent Professionalism and Retirement Knowledge
Jeff gave my wife and I excellent advice and helped us understand completely the choices as we enrolled in Medicare. He has also become a trusted advisor and manager of our families financial services. Highly recommend.
— James Cottam, Tempe, Arizona

Testimony to Mr. Biro
Jeff has helped us with our will and our insurance. Every time we’ve had a question about insurance or our will-trusts or any legal matter whatsoever Jeff has always helped us. My husband just had a pacemaker and he told me that should he pass before I do, the first person I am to call is Jeff Biro. My husband is very astoot in sizing people up. He can sniff out a phony or a sheister a hundred miles away! For Dave to say that he completely trusts Jeff Biro is the highest compliment Dave can ever give another human being. I feel at peace knowing that should I need Mr. Biro’s services he will help me in whatever needs to be done.
— Sarah Talich, Phoenix

Excellent help, excellent service
Jeff has given me excellent advice and service in managing my retirement affairs.
— James w. Clark, Peoria, Az.

Great Experience and Expertise with Medicare
Great insight, evaluation of options, details on insurance programs, and action steps for going on Medicare….
— Lance Thompson, Phoenix

Very happy with knowledge and professionalism of Jeff Biro
Jeff Biro introduced my husband and myself to the best choices for a Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan. He is patient, knowledgeable very much interested in doing the best he can for the people he assists. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Very professional office.
— Jobi Rosen , Scottsdale, AZ

Extremely Ethical and Professional Firm
I found Mr. Biro to be very knowledgeable in many areas of financial services. What impressed me the most was how gracious and helpful he was despite the fact that my needs would not bring him any financial reward.
— Mary Lou Kopetsky, Scottsdale AZ

Quality Advisor
I was referred to Jeff by a close friend when I was looking at a supplement to Medicare insurance and he certainly recommended the right thing. Have been very happy with my insurance. Then I transferred my business to him and meet with him every 6 months. Very pleasant and trustworthy person.
— Althea Eickhoff

Excellent Medicare and Financial Advisor
Jeff Biro has handled my affairs very well and made my retirement very comfortable.
— Arthur Neet, Mesa, Arizona

Jeff, a very warm, honest and happy adviser
We have worked with Jeff for over three years finding supplemental insurance to fit our needs. Each year he helps us maintain excellent coverage while trying to match our need to be conservative after our commercial investments disappeared during the economic crash.
— Jim and Kathy Wasson, Cave Creek Arizona

Very informative and look forward to working with you.
— Monte Yocum, Scottsdale

Great Medicare Class – Jeff Biro presents it in a way that I understood.
I was totally in the dark about Medicare until I attended one of Jeff’s classes. He explained everything in a way I could understand.
— Andi

Medicare Information
Jeff was very good at both meetings. I have recommended him to my friends as they approach 65. He guided us to a correct decision on Supplemental and Prescription plans. Thanks
— Terry Hornbaker, Sun Lakes, AZ

Financial & Medicare Expertise at it’s Best!
In all areas of financial concern, I have the highest regard and confidence in Jeff (and his entire staff). He works diligently toward helping my wife and I achieve our financial goals. He considers each persons state of affairs and addresses each with deliberate and timely consideration for best results. Jeff represents the very essence of fiduciary responsibility. I would highly recommend Jeff Biro and his entire staff to everyone having any type of financial concerns.
— William J. Salony, Jr., Phoenix, AZ

Great service & knowledge of products.
Been doing business with Jeff for several years now and have always been happy with him and his entire staff.
— Linda Colquette, Scottsdale, AZ

A MUST attend workshop
Jeff Biro’s Turning 65 Workshop was extremely valuable and tremendously helped us understand the Medicare System. He is extremely helpful and knows the system quite well. His recommendations are top-notch, and he will take extreme care in explaining everything to you, and I mean everything about each plan. After meeting Jeff, everything about the Medicare supplemental plans were easy to understand.
— Rene and Jean Borromeo, Phoenix

I was presented with the information necessary to make a well-informed decision.
I appreciate Jeff’s ability to clarify the confusing, bureaucratic maze that Medicare can be. In his small group seminar he laid out the basic concept of how Medicare works and how to evaluate my health care needs to determine what plans would best meet those needs. He was then able to assist individuals who had specific questions and tie in how these points related to / affected all of us. He made us aware of timelines for our process and pitfalls that could be a problem. Jeff truly erased any fears I had regarding being able to understand this process. Looking over the materials he gave me to compare various plans helped me to choose the ones that I am confident will provide excellent health care coverage for me. In a follow up, individual meeting, he reviewed my choices and completed the registration process. It will be a pleasure to recommend Jeff and his wonderful staff to my friends.
— Margaret Glynn, Chandler

Medicare Workshop
Jeff made a well-prepared, responsive presentation to us, giving practical steps and tips for a successful transition to Medicare. It was time well-spent!
— Marilyn Barr

Enlightening and Informative meeting on Medicare
My husband and I attended an information meeting on Medicare. It was very enlightening, had we not attended, we would definitely make the wrong decision when choosing our health care. We plan to attend another one in the future to keep us well informed. I would definitely recommend Jeff Biro to friends.
— Joyce O’Connor, Scottsdale, Arizona

Happy client
Jeff is the best. His interest is in his customer, not self-interested. Completely wants customer to be satisfied & understands the process.
— Nancy Campbell, Scottsdale

Excellent Medicare and Financial Help
Jeff Biro was very helpful when I had to make decisions on my medicare upon turning 65. I know I would not have understood all of the options without his help. He was patient and knowledgeable, a great combination. He is excellent at what he does, helping people with important financial decisions which affect their future.
— Cindy McShane, Phoenix, Arizona

The Best
When it comes time to learn about ‘Medicare’ Jeff Biro is the guy for you. I couldn’t have done this without the expertise and fantastic advise I learned at Jeff’s workshop. No question was left unanswered, I feel completely educated as to the choices I now need to make. Topnotch Company and his staff are amazing. A big Thank You.
— Julie Sabori, Phoenix

Fantastic Medicare & Financial Advisor
Jeff has been great to help me, both with Medicare and my assets . I don’t have a lot of money and I really appreciate all of his help, the time he took with me and the way he presented everything to me in a way I understood it all.
— Shale Canter, Chandler,AZ.

Good man and firm to go to.
After helping me to decide what program I needed, Jeff took care of my Medicare registration, saving me a lot of time and work. When I needed a lawyer to create a trust, he introduced me to an excellent attorney. You’ll like Jeff.
— Ellen Lerman, Phoenix, AZ

The best of the best!
Jeff and his staff are wonderful. They have been so helpful and professional every step of the way. They truly care about their clients and are very knowledgeable. I would recommend Jeff in a heartbeat.
— Louann Lickhalter, Phoenix, AZ

I highly recommend Jeff for any of your financial needs.
He has always taken time with me to make sure that I am purchasing the right product for my needs. He is always available to help me when I call. I highly recommended Jeff. He is always very helpful when I call and takes the time to make sure that I have purchased the right product for my needs. He is extremely knowledgeable about Medicare and Medicare supplement products and keeps up to date of the latest changes in this area. He is a ‘cut above’.
— Diane Taylor, Phoenix Arizona

Very kind, thoughtful and pleasant. Wonderful knowledge of Medicare, Financial Services and Estate Planning
He’s very kind, very pleasant, trustworthy. Very nice to do business with. Great staff too.
— Judy Bailey, Scottsdale

Medicare Workshop
Valuable information about Medicare. Jeff Biro of Family Wealth Advisors was very knowledgeable.
— Cindy & JP Smith, Scottsdale, AZ

Top Notch Financial & Insurance Advisor
Family Wealth Advisors with Jeff Biro is thorough and well versed in all the aspects of the services provided: Medicare/insurance as well as financial services. He keeps his clients well informed. I can’t be more pleased.
— Catherine Crandall, Tempe, AZ

Very knowledgeable of his Retirement subjects
Jeff gives a very effective and informative presentation regarding Medicare and related insurance matters. His knowledge of money management vehicles and techniques is on par with his knowledge of Medicare and related issues, then he is an all around super star! I highly recommend adding Jeff to your team if you don’t already have a Financial Advisor expert on your side, or if you are unhappy with your current financial advisors” services.
— Tom Halder, Sun City, AZ

Great Session
I found the seminar on Turning 65/Medicare to be interesting, comprehensive and valuable. Mr. Biro has considerable knowledge in this area and communicates it clearly and confidently. I highly recommend this seminar.
— Tom P, Scottsdale

Informative. Educational
Excellent and thorough explanation of Medicare and the options.
— Mark Derr, Scottsdale

When it comes time to learn about Medicare Jeff Biro is the guy for you.
I couldn’t have done this without the expertise and fantastic advise I learned at Jeff’s workshop. No question was left unanswered, I feel completely educated as to the choices I now need to make. Topnotch Company and his staff are amazing. A big Thank You.
— Julie, Phoenix

Jeff is incredibly skilled in his presentation.
After attending his two-hour session, I had a good understanding of the basics of medicare plus some extra tips and recommendations. Jeff was extremely helpful and thorough.
— Barbara, Scottsdale

Jeff is a pleasure to work with.
Jeff is very knowledgeable and takes good care of his clients
— Mark, Phoenix, AZ

Professional, Knowledgeable and a Warm Personality !…rare
Jeff helped us with the Medicare Maze years ago, he made it very easy to understand. We always recommend him to our friends.
— Bill & Sandy S, Phoenix

Great Retirement resource especially for Medicare information.
— Gene Muhlenpoh, United States

Jeff was excellent. Very professional.
I really enjoyed Jeff’s seminar. It was very informative and beneficial. I scheduled a follow-up meeting with him which also was very helpful. He is a true professional.
— Randy Mankin, Scottsdale, AZ

Excellent Advisor! Great knowledge.
Jeff was a great help when I was trying to choose a Medicare supplement. He was able to steer us through all the various variables of all the policies. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff as he is very professional and knowledgeable, not only on Medicare but all aspects of Retirement Planning.
— Nikolas Peacock, Cave Creek

Jeff Biro at Family Weath Advisors is the best!
Jeff Biro at Family Wealth Advisors is a very bright, extremely knowledgeable financial advisor who consistently provides excellent advice in these difficult times. Possessing exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, Jeff is always the consumate, courteous professional. I continue to be delighted to have chosen Jeff Biro as my financial consultant.
— Darrell K. Porath, Chandler, AZ

Jeff is one of the GOOD guys!
Jeff Biro has always taken very good care of me with all my insurance needs. He is one of the GOOD guys.
— Julie Bluff, Sedona, Arizona

I have known Jeff for over 10 years now.
Jeff has always been there when needed. Even though I am an attorney, his guidance over the years has been critical.
— E. Evans Farnsworth, Chandler, Arizona

Can’t do any Better!
Jeff was great. He has helped me tremendously as far getting my medicare and supplement insurance going. Very helpful, I would recommend him to anybody!
— Mary Gray, Scottsdale

One of a kind!
Mr. Jeff Biro is one of the most competent, thorough, pleasant, and approachable financial advisers that I have encountered. His depth of up-to-date knowledge coupled with immense flexibility is his great professional qualities that will benefit the lives of his clients and bring them peace of mind.
— Dr. G., Gold Canyon, AZ

Jeff is great!
Jeff Biro is a well-educated professional who puts his client’s needs ahead of his. He was very helpful in finding the right Medicare Supplement for my situation and will help my wife when she reaches 65.
— Gregg Smolenski, Scottsdale, AZ

A Wonder Advisor
Jeff and his staff are wonderful. They have been so helpful and professional every step of the way. They truly care about their clients and are very knowledgable. I would recommend Jeff in a heart beat to everyone.
— Jim Kuzma, Scottsdale

Excellent understanding of Medicare
Mr. Biro gives an excellent explanation of Medicare and has a great understanding of the subject.
— Don Shafton, Tempe, AZ

Outstanding Medicare Discussion
The ‘Turning 65’ workshop is very informative and clearly defines Medicare benefits. I appreciate the knowledge Jeff Biro brings to the table and his ability to simplify a very complex subject. This is information for which everyone turning 65 needs to be aware.
— K Gordon, Scottsdale, AZ

I am extremely pleased with Family Wealth Advisors and Jeff Biro. One example is that when I am trying to decide on which Medicare Supplement to follow, Jeff gives me the list of companies to choose from and also gives me the important information on which company is best for me. Some companies are cheaper than others on the premiums, but picking a company that has a lower monthly premium may not be the right answer. And Jeff Biro explains all the advantages and disadvantages to me, then I am able to decide. Jeff Biro is always looking out for the client first.
— Maurice Nature Gilbert, AZ

Jeff has earned our trust many times over!
Jeff has been most helpful over many years in all areas of financial services – From wills and trusts, to retirement planning, life insurance, to Medicare supplement and drug program selection. He has earned our trust many times over. He respects our concerns and works hard to find the product with which we are comfortable. I highly recommend him.
— Ann Gandomi

Great at Estate Planning-Financial Services & Medicare!
Jeff is a real people person -he makes an effort to make sure you understand everything being discussed. He makes a sincere effort to give people all the information they need to make a decision in their best interest. Very professional firm.
— Jim Clark, Scottsdale

I highly recommend Jeff Biro when you are planning for your future!
Jeff was a great help to both my husband and me when we were trying to negotiate the confusing labyrinth of Medicare and choosing a supplement. There are so many questions and details to think of. Jeff was very knowledgeable and we are very comfortable with his guidance and our choices. I’d highly recommend him when you are planning for your future.
— Jeanine Fernandez, Phoenix, AZ

I have been with Mr Biro for several years and have been very satisfied!
Jeffrey (Family Wealth Advisors) is very educated in helping a retiree like me to get started in setting up Medicare and the right supplement to meet your needs. He is very well versed as a Financial Advisor and does Medicare just as well. I have been with Mr Biro for several years and have been very satisfied.
— Del Fernandez, Phoenix, AZ

Top of the Line Service!
Jeff has guided us through the Medicare maze for 10 years and we have nothing but praise for him and his office. He is very knowledgeable in the area and has always found us the best policies. Highly recommend him.
— Jean Mahrous, Phoenix

Medicare Workshop well worth your time!
The information Jeff gave regarding Medicare was informative and easy to understand. I highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is thinking about going on Medicare in the near future.
— Stan Peterson, Gilbert

Great Medicare and Financial Advisor
He has helped with our family navigate Medicare for the best possible coverage.
Jeff Biro is overlooking our retirement prudently and is ready to answer our questions. Also, his Staff is a cut above!
— Mary, scottsdale

Excellent advisor.
Mr. Biro is very educated in Medicare and supplement insurance options. He makes it all understandable to the average persons intellect. He gave me several options and in the end he made it obvious for me to choose the right one.
— Christian Butters, Queen Creek, AZ

Excellent service
Mr Biro provides personal attention to clients needs.
— Fredrick J Mulica, Chandler Az

Highly Recommend Jeff Biro For Medicare and Financial Advisor
If you are seeking a classy, five star financial wizard to protect and increase your future assets, Jeff Biro is your man. Jeff and his Staff are TOPS in their field. His expanse of knowledge, thoroughness in explanations and choices, in his kind, patient way cannot be excelled. If you refuse to accept anything less than the best, JEFF BIRO THE ONE FOR YOU. Don’t settle for anyone else.
— Susan Hubbard, Seville Golf and Country Club, Gilbert, AZ