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When researching upcoming or existing Medicare enrollment, one thing you should make sure to understand are the Medicare process guidelines. These procedures are there to protect you from fraudulent activity and advisory malpractice.

Some of the rules to be aware of when dealing with Medicare representatives:

  • Representatives cannot ask for your personal information over the phone, unless it’s to verify membership.
  • They cannot come to your home uninvited to sell or endorse Medicare products.
  • Companies cannot call you unless you’re already a member of the plan.
  • They cannot call you over the phone to enroll you unless you called and asked to enroll.

If you are contacted by someone calling you to sell or enroll you in a Medicare plan, you do not need to speak with them.

Medicare advisor appointment meetings have specific rules they must follow. They can’t make an appointment to tell you about their plan unless you agree in writing or through a phone call that you are  being recorded.

These guidelines are there to protect you as a consumer from spam, fraud, and marketer harassment.

Read the full list of rules and regulation at the medicare.gov website link here.

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