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Whether you are researching Medicare plans as you approach the age of eligibility or already have Medicare coverage, it is always a good idea to check back annually to review different health benefit options.

Unless you are working with a Medicare advisor, no one is going to call you and tell you when better options appear, or when existing Medicare coverage has changed.

Certain medications can be dropped from your existing Medicare list of covered drugs, or the tiers can change. If you take medication, you should review the upcoming Medicare year in mid-October.

The complexities of the Medicare system are better navigated with an advisor on your side.

Each plan level changes from year to year, and the changes include everything from covered drugs, new premium prices, discounts, rates, and yearly limits.

The earlier you do your research, the better financially equipped you will be. Once you are covered by Medicare, spend some time during the last months of the year examining the terms of your Medicare coverage for the upcoming year.

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